Thursday, September 14, 2006

Monsoon Rain

The gods must be mad, because it's been raining constantly for two days now. A constant, silent, pouring, and omnipresent rain. No, not really constant. Every now and then it increases in strength, and at those times the streets turn into flooded rivers. And the lightning strikes. I woke up from a big blast right outside my window this morning, I almost wet the bed. And I have realized that the small but overpriced umbrella that I bought is not built for these kinds of monsunes. While I'm surfing down the streets, all it does is keep my hair dry, everything below my shoulders gets literally soaked.

But otherwise, things are fine. I have been registered to all the classes I want (although bureaucracy issues almost got me to start a fight in the Office of Journalism and Communication), and tomorrow I am (hopefully) picking up my multiple entry visa for China.

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