Sunday, September 03, 2006

First week

Ok, the first week of a whole bunch here is through, and I am beginning to suspect that this is going to be a very fun semester.

This first week has been a very intence one: lots of new friends, partying and finding my way around campus and Hong Kong. Speaking of the campus, it turned out to be situated on a huge hill, and my dormitory lies the furthest away from the University train station. This means that there's a hell of a lot of walking to do, which in this weather (humid and 30+ C) means literally sweating your ass away. Apparently it is going to get better in October, but that is far away. Faaar away. But there's no good in waiting for that, it's only to become accustomed to it as soon as possible and enjoy life.

Because life here's great. An interesting mixture of western and eastern culture, and a lot of stuff is much cheaper than in Sweden and it's close to lots of cool places. And lots of beautiful chicks, especially among the exchange students. Gonna need to do some exploring there..

I think that the classes are going to be great too. I've got one class in Mandarine, one in computer graphics, and two in journalism. The journalism is really going to be interesting. I mean, even if Hong Kong still is pretty liberal, the zone does belong to China, a place not really famed for its freedom of press.

I'm gonna keep a traveller's journal in Swedish too, find it at

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