Saturday, October 28, 2006

Brazilian BBQ

Yesternight was party night.

Nicklas and Tom from my school back home studies in Singapore, and when they unexpextedly showed up in Hong Kong I decided to drag them along to dinner with some friends. Dinner was in Tsim Sha Tsui, at Brazil BBQ, a pretty nice place. Pay 100 HKD for unlimited food and beer. The whole thing started out small with only me and a few friends, but quickly grew into a party of 22 people. After dinner we went for some drinks and then most of the others were headed for home.

Not us. Tom and Nicklas wanted to make the most out of their short weekend stay, so we went on to Lan Kwai Fong. We thought it would be crowded - being Friday night and everything - but when we came there all the places were really empty. There must have been something else going on elsewhere in town. After a few failed tries to get in for free on some of the fancy guest-listed places we ended up at an after-party club on Hollywood Road. Quite ok place actually, and we stayed there until 6 or 7 am. I got back home at 8-ish and slept til now (noon). It's really hard to sleep on the days here because of the heat and sounds, so tonight will be an early one for me. Maybe a movie or something, and - if I find the energy - some studies.

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