Friday, November 24, 2006


In return for Sunny's wonderful gesture the other day I took her for dinner in Shatin. Thai food, very good. Sunny the food maniac of course took photos of the dishes, she's building up quite an exhibition on her blog. Have a look there, by the way.

After dinner we had ice cream (not Italian...), and Sunny tried a new flavour as usual which was much better than my boring Cookies & Cream. I tried to steal it without success. Before going home we stopped by at IKEA to get some of those wonderful Ginger Thins. We had a very nice talk-walk back to I-house, and I felt really sad that I will soon be leaving.

Oh! And she said she doesn't think I have any bad sides. This really touched me, though it is not completely true. She just hasn't found them yet. So I told her about all my bad sides (the ones that I know about), I hope it didn't scare her off.

I then counted eight good sides of her and one really good side. I might tell her about them later if she needs to feel good about herself sometime.


Sunny said...

I had a good time yesterday:D Thai food, Icecream, and ginger bread... all of them were really good! I could have had IKEA's meat balls, too...[I cannot stop eating..]

Jonas said...

Hi Sunny!
Thanks for being the only person posting here, showing that somebody actually reads what I write (Hint to you other people...)!