Saturday, November 25, 2006

Farewell Party...

Yesterday was the Grand Farewell Barbeque... Not that it's all farewell now, but it's certainly coming up, and I don't like that. The party was great fun and good food. Unlimited drinks and BBQ. I practised my Putonghua skills with some of the waiters, it actually worked! I just wish everyone spoke Putonghua here, I would be so good by now then. Oh! And I won a competition! About Hong Kong knowledge, I basically guessed my way through. Two tickets for Ocean Park was the price! I participated in one other competition together with Sunny, but we didn't do very well... We were supposed to pop balloons between each other, but we didn't manage to pop even one.

Afterwards we went to the Drop in LKF, which was good until they turned up the volume to Super Max and I got soar feet from my shoes.

Kirstin, who managed to step in durian...
As usual, click the photo for more
And more pictures will come, Lotta has some really good ones.

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