Saturday, November 04, 2006

A New Phone

Since my old phone has been behaving really weirdly lately and finally died on me, I decided to buy a new one. A K800i, and it is my new baby. It can do literally everything; when it doesn't ring for me, it doubles as an MP3-player, a radio, a camera, a calendar, and a Chinese dictionary (which, if you read this Sunny, I use a lot but I actually get no help from my room mate for the Putonghua texts). It also makes my coffee in the morning (though I don't drink coffee), cleans my room, does my laundry and homework, and listen to my problems when no friends are around to talk.

A cool thing in having an MP3-player (I never had any kind of portable music before) is that I now can add a sound track to my life. It is really like walking around in a movie, now all I need is some love and exploding cars.

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