Monday, November 20, 2006

Swedish Food

Yesterday morning Dad and Pontus left for Sweden. It was really nice to have them here for a while and show them my life over here. It's also very flattering to have so many of my family and friends passing by since Sweden is so far away.

Speaking of Sweden, that evening I gave some friends a taste of our food...

Edit: Pictures now added, all stolen from Sunny. See them below.

I went to IKEA and City Super and got ingredients for half a company (a Swedish saying, I don't know if it translates to be honest). Together with Tobias, Sunny, Jesper and Sofie I prepared something close to a Swedish 'Julbord', with Gravad Salmon, Meatballs, Red Cabbage, Pickled Herring, Potatoes, Julmust, Lucia Rolls, Lingonberry Jam, Ginger Thins, Kalle's Kaviar, and Ballerina & Singoalla Cookies. It still waters my mouth to think of it. Swedish food is so good, especially when all you eat here is different kinds of noodles or rice.

What I realized, though, was why the kitchens here are so poorly equipped. No one uses them because it is so much easier and cheaper to go and eat out. But even though it made a big hole in my wallet it was worth the effort. 'Julbord' here was nothing I expected to happen. Conclusion: A great evening!

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