Monday, December 25, 2006

Goodbye, Hong Kong...

Internet is slow and expensive here, so I'm writing this from my phone.
On the 23rd of December I left Hong Kong... An era was over, it felt really bad and if I'd write down all of my feelings here I'd end up with one of those cheap cliche novels you only find at gas stations.

Anyway, I left for the airport with Tobias, Kajsa, and Mathias to Bangkok. Sunny and Jack came with me to say goodbye. A goodbye that became way too quick when on the airport, because time said we had to leave. I would have needed so much more time. Instead, all I had time for was a quick hug, a short "I'll miss you...", Sunny crying, and then they were gone. Behind the white glass wall where only ticket holders are allowed. The last impression I gave was my silly try for a smile. Then I backed through the gate, turned around and started to cry. Shit! I hate to cry. At least the reasons which make me cry. I've been through a few goodbyes, but this was definitely one of the worst. There was so much to say left unsaid, so many hugs left unhugged... I would have needed hours, but all I got was a few minutes.

If you read this, I want to say thank you for letting me take part of your life for this short while. Goodbye, hope I'll see you soon!

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Sunny said...

I guess you feel better now:) oh, and that mussel dish there? it's really good as well! It's thai name is hoi tak or something.

This morning, I got your message but it was really short. I think it was like one third of your whole message. But I was really happy to hear from you:D Have fun there! See ya!