Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ocean Park

[6/12: New pictures added! All stolen from Sunny, since I didn't bring my memory stick...]
On Saturday I went to Ocean Park with Sunny. The weather was good, which was nice, but Ocean Park... I guess we expected more of it than it really was, because we were not too impressed. Good thing I won the tickets, because they were not worth the hype. Anyway, a few of the rides were quite ok, like the Free Fall and the Mining Train. I liked the water ride to, mainly because I was not the one to get wet...

Afterwards we had dinner at the food court in Langham Place. I had Korean delights and Sunny had an Indian wrap. Langham place is very much decorated for Christmas now, they have jingling bells everywhere and a big Sky Castle made of light.

After food we headed straight home. We were both exhausted when we got back, but we had already planned karaoke with some people for the evening. I managed to get there, but Sunny overslept and was finally one and a half hour (1.5!) late. I don't blame her at all, because I know how tired she must have been, it is only funny that it was Sunny who was so late. A Korean is always on time. Now she outlated both the French (usually around 10 minutes late), the Italian (usually 10-20 minutes late), and Tobias (the unbeaten being late highscore holder, multiply a French with an Italian and you have Tobias)! Karaoke was fun when we finally started, and with Sunny's help and a fictional birthday kid we managed to deal the price down a bit. Got back home at 4 am.

Today I'm gonna try to go and see the Swedish ship Götheborg, a replica of an 18th century East Indiaman, which is here over the weekend.

Oh, and a summary of my time here is soon to be posted. I'm working on it, but problems with blogger makes it a really slow process to post now.

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