Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tai Po Market

I went to the food court in Tai Po Market with Ulrik, Jack, Anders, Tobias, Sunny, and Kajsa* today. Though the furnishing is not sexy at all, the food is awesome. If you go to Hong Kong some day, be sure to visit this place. But bring someone who knows Chinese, because no menus are in English.

Ulrik** left for Denmark during the dinner, a reminder that the semester is coming to an end. He is one of the lucky, though - he gets to return in January.

Afterwards, me, Erik, Kajsa and Sunny went to a bar in TST for a while. Really nice. Sunny is such a cool girl, I'm going to miss her badly. But you knew that already.

*Kajsa (friend from Sweden) arrived the same day we came back from the Philippines. I've been acting her personal Hong Kong-guide since then, and we'll go to India together after I leave the city. I handed in my last essay today! So nice, finally free for a while.

**We never had time for the third set of Sweden vs. Denmark, but we decided to play it sometime next summer on neutral grounds.


Sunny said...

hahaha, such a cool girl <- Is this your reward for my comment last night? Thank you:) plus, I will miss you, too...

Sunny said...

Btw, I was so sick today... hope I can make it to LKF tmrw! See ya:)

Jonas said...

Haha, I guess so... But I do mean it! Anyway, I was really touched by that, I'm still smiling from it. You don't give away compliments so easily, so they mean very much each time one of them slips out.

Oh, and you have to make it tomorrow! Or dinner tonight. Otherwise I will cry blood. I'm going to Jack's home for dinner before, and then we're going to town.

Puss och kram!

Jonas said...

...and I hope you feel better now.