Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Almost Home

Hi again, people!
Lots of posting these last few days, mainly because I've been able to use the internet again.
Now at Bangkok International Airport, posting this from my phone.

I landed early this morning, and I have spent the day shopping extra weight to my already over sized luggage. To be sure to get all the weight through I dressed up in six shirts, one jacket, a big scarf, three pairs of trousers, and a squash racket. A sweaty journey through check-in and costums, but well worth it.
The plane leaves in two hours, and tomorrow morning my classes start again. Wonderful! Oh, and only because I wrote that shit about not having had problems with my stomach it has started mess with me... So wish me and my intestines a pleasant 12-hours flight together!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck! Co-movie star!