Friday, January 12, 2007

Update From Mumbai

Hi there!

Now in Mumbai. Still alive, no more thefts, and no funny tummy (both Kajsa and Charlotte, whom I'm travelling with, have been spray-painting toilets from time to time - even though they both take pills against it).

But I don't want to bother you about that kind of stuff, so no more shit-talk.

In Goa we explored some more beaches, visited the El Shaddai Street Child Rescue, and had a look at Anjuna's big Wednesday market. Goa is a lot about drugs. Everywhere you go they offer you to buy anything from hashish to cocain to what's-its-name. Once I was walking along the beach, money belt in hand, and this guy came up to me to offer me some of his 'goods'. As I kindly rejected his offer, he pointed at my money belt, surprised: 'But you have money?'

We left Goa by seater bus up to Mumbai. Twelve hours of crazy bus driving through the roads of Maharashtra (the state where Mumbai is situated), passing wrecked buses and flat tyres on the way.

So far in Mumbai we have been on laughing therapy by the Gateway of India, writing autographs for a school class from inner Maharashtra, and watching Tigers and Lions 'in the free' in Sanjay Gandhi National Park (not worth the 30 rupies, don't go there).

Oh! And this morning at breakfast we got asked if we wanted to work as extras in a Bollywood film shooting! 'Awsome!' said we and agreed, but then it turned out that they only had spots left for tomorrow, and the girls both leave tomorrow morning... But, nothing is over before it's over, and they were instead offered a job as western waitresses on a party tonight. Cool! I think I'm still on for tomorrow's shooting, but I can't be sure until I'm really there. I'll report on that later.


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