Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Pretty Descent Weekend

Ok everyone, time for some major bragging! This last weekend has easily been (one of) the coolest so far here in Hong Kong. Super dumplings, Victoria Peak and wake boarding in the nearby archipelago. If you're not interested in my amazing life, just stop reading here. Otherwise, feel free to continue the journey...

So, this is what happened:
On Friday, Frida (from my French class this spring) and her good friend Lisa, who are on a journey through Asia, arrived in Hong Kong. Me and Tobias took the chance to see some parts of the city that we still had not seen and practiced our improvising skills while acting personal guides to the girls. We had dinner close to Soho at the city's so far best dumpling place. I can really recommend the carrot ones - they are really good and never contain Coriander, a seemingly popular spice here which often or always has a devastating effect on the taste of the food.

After dinner we headed for Victoria Peak and had a look at the night time skyline over a cup of coffee. An agreable end of the evening, and the two guides went home with proud smiles on their faces. Tomorrow morning we would have to go up early because we were going to Lamma Island with all the other exchange students. Or so we thought. Because at midnight I got a call from Karin who said that we'd have to change our plans and come with her and her dormitory friends on a boat trip from Sai Kung, east of Kowloon. A quick decision, this other thing was a one-time-only, and Lamma Island would still be there next weekend.

So, on Saturday morning we brought Frida and Lisa and went with some six other exchange students and maybe 30 locals to Sai Kung. It turned out they had booked two really big boats with banana boats and wake board possibilities. Not bad at all. Plus the sun shone and would continue so all day. The whole day was spent somewhere in the archipelago outside Sai Kung, wake boarding, sunbathing, banana boating, Mah Jong playing and (moderate...) beer drinking. In a beautiful environment. Amazing. Before this, Hong Kong to me was a dense city with skyscrapers, millions of people, and overused neon signs. Now I start to realize that it is so much more faceted than that.

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