Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Crazy World

It is crazy, the world, as someone famous once said. So much happening around you wherever you go. Only during the past few weeks North Korea has (supposedly) managed to try out one of their nukes, Thailand has suffered its first coup d'état in fifteen years, and Russia has assassinated a hard working human rights defender. At the same time the Sino-Japanese frosty relationship finally seems to have a chance to easen up, and, of course, lots of domestic things going on in China, such as corruption scandals and power redistribution.

I could talk about all that, but I won't. Other people do that. On this place, I talk about me. For now at least.


SSFB said...

I have a question for you about the "read more" function.

I have been looking at

and trying to paste in his code as instructed. I saw your comment and I have the same problem you have, I can't find the < style> markers. How did you get yours to work?

I don't have much experience with html editing.

Jonas said...

Hi, I think that this is what finally helped me out: